How To Turn Your Confidence ON!

One of the most fascinating aspects of mindset is that it encapsulates many components, and that each of these can be taught and learned. That’s one of the things that attracted me to this field because you can learn and master any of these components to impact your life, career, and business.

Let’s look at one of these integral mindset components: confidence. Your confidence (or lack thereof) has a direct impact on your success, and I will share some of my favourite strategies for you to boost it, so that you can maximise your success.

This is a component very close to my heart, and as I write I’m drawn to my old self, a few years back… I want to share to remind you of what is possible: back then, if you had told me I would become the person I am today, there is no way I’d have believed you! At that time to say I was not confident was an understatement! My lack of confidence directly impacted all areas of my life, and people around me often said “Ah, she won’t do much in life.”.

Then, I discovered you could learn confidence. And I realised that confidence is not something you are born with or without; it is something that you can acquire at any point in time. You see, confidence is a state of mind and one that you can consciously step in to every single day. Confident people are not born with confidence; they don’t just have it: they have it because they apply confidence strategies, and as a result, are described as confident.

Confidence is not something you are born with or without; YOU can learn & acquire it at any point in time. When talking about mindset and its various components, I often refer to a switch button, one of those you can turn ON and off. Well, this is it: here are ways to turn your confidence ON. These strategies are sorted into 3 sections as I believe that you are confident when you think confidently, feel confidently, and act confidently.

Think Confident

  • Have a robust plan of actions: people lacking confidence are uncertain about their plans, so confidently map out your steps, goals, and milestones to where you want to go,
  • Control your inner voice: people lacking confidence tend to listen AND believe their negative internal dialogue, so confidently control your thoughts by ignoring the negative, and embracing the positive,
  • Remind yourself of your greatness: people lacking confidence tend to dismiss their past achievements and disregard their current progress and successes, so confidently list these.

Feel Confident

  • Watch out for your physiology: people lacking confidence tend to slouch, look down, and cross their arms, so confidently stand up, look up and open up your chest,
  • Take care of your image: people lacking confidence tend to hide behind colourless clothes, so confidently pick outfits that make you feel ‘like a million dollar’,
  • Be proud of your body: people lacking confidence tend to dislike their body, so confidently love your body, whatever body shape it is; what matters is that you love it (and if you don’t, do address your vitality and fitness goals).

Act Confident

  • Pay attention to your walk: people lacking confidence tend to walk at a slower pace, so confidently walk like you are walking with a purpose,
  • Concentrate on your breathing: people lacking confidence tend to breathe erratically and at a much faster pace, so confidently breathe at a normal pace, grounding yourself,
  • Focus on your speech rate and tone of voice: people lacking confidence tend to talk quietly and fast, so confidently speak up at a slightly slower speech rate while easily articulating your message.

Apply these confidence strategies over and over again; they will soon become habits, and you’ll naturally step in that confident state of mind. I’d even (strongly!) suggest you create your very own confidence routine, and work on it daily.

Do not let a lack of confidence hold you back. You can do anything. Decide today that you can think, feel and act confidently, and go for it. Only you know how much you are going to achieve when you think, feel and act confidently!