3 Ways To Increase Your Marketing Reach

Many business owners associate additional costs with increasing their brand’s marketing reach. But with the right tools and know-how, a business can increase the impact of their marketing efforts with minimal to no cost. Here are 3 ways a business can extend their marketing reach to targeted audiences across the globe. Let’s look at some ways you can expand and increase your marketing reach.

Categorize Your Audience & Their Respective Behaviors

It can be almost impossible for a business to convey the right message to the right people at the right time. If not entirely impossible, the process tends to be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Nonetheless, it should be your marketing goal. You’ve probably already launched a few marketing strategies, from organic searches to Pay-Per-Click, on search engines or social networking sites. These are all tested and proven strategies in the realm of marketing. But to generate good returns on investment, you cannot execute such strategies so blindly and hastily.

A solid grasp of the fundamentals of your targeted audience is necessary. Age, gender, ethnic background, and any other demographic information you can recover from your audience will play an important part in keeping your marketing approach fresh and relevant. Having a more thorough insight of their activity and behavior also allows you to make more reliable forecasts for your business as well as a more effective follow-through.

Determine The Right Channels

Different marketing channels are accessible for a business. But this doesn’t mean you should dive into every possible channel in the hopes of maximizing reach to your target audience. If you do participate in every available marketing channel, you end up with more monthly costs and more pipelines to manage. Instead of being a jack-of-all-trades, research and focus on 2 or 3 marketing channels that suit your type of business.

Social media is perhaps one of the best marketing strategies to date and is a vital component for every business who wants to compete online. However, not all social media platforms are cut out for your particular business type, model, and target audience. Do the necessary work and research to identify the right platforms to best reach your market. Have a strategic approach when dispensing content on these platforms instead of hastily spamming articles and blog posts. Doing so may affect your brand’s integrity and professionalism.

Work On Your Content

In an attempt to reach the most customers quicker than their competitors, many businesses neglect content quality thus failing to convey the right message to their consumers. Quality marketing content may be trickier or more expensive to acquire, but over time you’ll be able to recover upfront expenses through reduced customer acquisition cost and higher customer retention rate.

So how do you beautify your marketing content? One way is to incorporate subtitling into your marketing videos. Customers have grown more accustomed to subtitling options due to recent advances in entertainment, such as Netflix. Prolonged exposure to films and TV shows that have subtitles in them have trained consumers subconsciously to simply read what the characters on their screen are saying rather than pay close attention. Having subtitles encourages web viewers to keep the video running since they can understand it better.

There are several good reasons why subtitles are the strongest add-on for video marketing. One reason is that having subtitles make your video more visible to web viewers. YouTube and Vimeo captions are itemized by Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. Furthermore, subtitled videos in a native language have a higher chance of getting shared between friends and family members.

If you have sufficient marketing budget, you can implement both voice-over and subtitled video formats to reach a broader audience. Giving users the flexibility to choose how they view your content gives them a more personal experience and makes it more accessible to web users around the world.

Source: smallbusinesscan.com