5 Leadership Qualities Every Startup Leader Needs to Have

As a startup leader, you need to recognize the importance of learning and self-growth. You are the heart of your business, and there are a few specific qualities you need to focus on to be successful. The following are five of the most essential leadership qualities.


Starting a business is an involved and often time-leeching process. There are going to be times when you want to quit, and there are going to be times when you think you should. Passion is the heart of dedication. Passion is going to be the fire that keeps you dedicated when then entire world looks like it wants to drag you, and your business, down. Find ways to be passionate about what you do. Outsource the tasks you find grueling and focus on the tasks you’re passionate about.


When you love and are good at what you do, money and success will follow. If all you seek is money, you may never find it. Your employees and customers will see through you if you’re not authentic and giving your best effort. Set an example by working hard and being enthusiastic. Your authenticity will shape your office-environment into a productive and happy one.


A startup runs on ideas and innovation. Build a thoughtful relationship with your co-workers. Recognize the worth of those under you by encouraging thoughtful discussion. Allow anyone to approach you with his or her idea, and then digest it for a while before saying no. It will keep people happy, and it will keep your startup competitive.


Take time to decide what’s working for your startup and what’s not. Your business partner, your workflow, or your receptionist could be stunting your business’s growth. It could even be you. At least once every week, evaluate what need to be improved, even if it results in the hard decision of letting someone go.


A fumbling, quiet-toned, shaky leader is not going to inspire greatness. You need to be charismatic and confident in both yourself and your vision. A startup consultant with a Military History degree says charisma is a powerful motivational tool that has been used by leaders for thousands of years. If you want to persuade and motivate your team, you have to play the part. It’s okay if you’re not naturally charismatic—you can work to build confidence and charisma. Read books, practice in the mirror, hire a coach, and put yourself in situations where you’re required to perform.

You are the best representation of your business. Constantly strive to improve yourself. Be dedicated, authentic, open-minded, reflective, and charismatic. Your startup will reflect your qualities.

Source: smallbusinesscan.com