Music Tourism Providing Opportunities For Local Businesses

Report shows growth in music tourism in Northern Ireland.

A report published by UK Music has shown that music tourism generated £84 million for the Northern Ireland economy last year. 260,000 music tourists visited Northern Ireland to attend concerts and music festivals in 2014.

The visitors spent an average of £860 each. This spending has helped to 694 full-time jobs in the local industry.

Music tourism in the UK

The report also found that music tourism has boosted local economies across the whole UK. Some of the key findings were:

  • increase in music tourism by 34 per cent between 2011 and 2014
  • 9.5 million people travelling to music events in 2014
  • £3.1 billion pounds in direct and indirect spend
  • 39 percent rise in overseas tourists travelling to the UK to attend music events over the last 4 years
  • visitors spent an average of £751
  • 57 per cent increase in tourism jobs over 4 years


Music tourism presents opportunities for local businesses to host events, create tourism experiences and provide transport and hospitality.

Download Tourism NI’s “Culture and Creative Vibe” tourism guide (PDF, 2.4MB).

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