DARD Issues Payments Under Transitional Payment To Disadvantaged Area Scheme

Agriculture Minister Michelle O’Neill has announced that payments to the value of £1.523million have issued in respect of the Transitional Payment to the Disadvantaged Area Scheme (TPDA).

Minister O’Neill previously announced a one year transitional payment under state aid deminimis rules to those farmers who will no longer be eligible to payment on disadvantaged area land.

Commenting on the start of payments, the Minister said: “I am delighted to announce that payments under the Transitional Payment to Disadvantaged Areas Scheme have started. The £1.5million paid out so far is a welcome boost for the farming industry at a time when farmers are facing the challenges of low prices. The scheme itself is a further demonstration of my commitment to the rural economy.”

Payments began issuing on Friday 5 June 2015 and out of 6,045 applications received, DARD expects 5,908 to be eligible. As of 10 June 5,076 payments have been made. DARD will continue to strive to clear the remaining payments as quickly as possible.