Business Development Programme For Craft-Makers

Book your place on Craft NI’s new two-year programme

Booking is now open for the programme induction of Craft Northern Ireland‘s (Craft NI) new Business Development Programme 2015-16.

The programme is free to attend and provides an opportunity for craft-makers to participate in eight half-day modules over the course of 18 months, beginning in June 2015.

The modules will:

  • be facilitated by Francis Verling
  • include a range of guest speakers
  • cover a range of topics, including innovative design, price setting, market research and planning, marketing, financial and business management

Craft NI will be taking bookings for each session separately. However, the modules will build on learnings from previous sessions, so attending all modules is likely to be most beneficial.

See dates and locations of all Business Development Programme 2015-16 modules.

Register now for the programme induction module on 30 June 2015.

Booking for the remaining modules will open about a month in advance of individual sessions.

The programme is open to all Northern Ireland-based craft professionals and dovetails with the business development support aspect of Craft NI’s making it programme.