Superconnected Cities Scheme Comes To Omagh

For the last decade, Bluebox Broadband have been providing faster, smarter broadband to areas of Northern Ireland and Donegal that most providers simply couldn’t get to. Bluebox Broadband is the largest independent broadband network operating throughout these areas and we’ve expanded the network to include all major towns in Northern Ireland. Their network now covers 100% of Belfast and have built in enough capacity to ensure that they can handle the demands of your business no matter what.

Bluebox Broadband’s WiMAX Service is one of the newest and most innovative internet services in Ireland providing a wireless internet service both North and South of the border, incorporating the very latest secure wireless Internet technology to offer customers DSL and dedicated internet connections to areas traditionally overlooked by existing service providers.

Bluebox Broadband originated from the NWE Group which started in 1991 to provide services to the mobile radio industry. From these humble beginnings they’ve grown to one of the largest cellular site installers in Ireland. Through their experience they’ve expanded into the development and installation of wireless networks servicing customers throughout the UK, Ireland and abroad.

Instead of just building carrier grade wireless networks for our customers they’ve decided to build one of their own. They now cover 92% of the Northern Ireland population and 6,000 customers use their network on a daily basis. Such customer numbers mean that they’ve engineered their network to carry huge amounts of data. They’ve also built resilience in to their network to ensure that they don’t have any single points of failure on our core network.

Traditional broadband and fibre services can be expensive to install and even more expensive to pay for each month. They have a range of products to suit every business from a one man operation up to a multinational technology company and everybody in between. All at a budget to suit your business.