World IP Day 2015

This year, 26 April marks the time to ‘Get up, stand up. For music.’

In reference to the famous Bob Marley song, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is inviting everyone to ‘Get up, stand up. For music.’ and celebrate the World IP Day on 26 April 2015.

World IP Day has been marked annually since 2001, focusing on a different theme each year. This year’s instalment puts the spotlight firmly on music.

More precisely, 2015 World IP Day focuses on the changes and challenges that lie ahead for music – including its creators, distributors and consumers – in the new digital economy. To ensure that musicians, singers, songwriters, producers, arrangers and many other creative professions get a fair deal in this new economy, WIPO advocates that it is important to reflect on:

  • how IP rights protect their work
  • how their creativity and contribution is valued
  • whether they can make a living from their work in these times of ‘free downloads’

IP rights that are of greatest relevance to musicians include:

  • copyright – for authors of original works and those who perform or disseminate them
  • trade marks – for bands and companies wishing to protect their name and identity
  • patents – for innovative technologies that create new ways music is made or listened to

For more information on IP rights – including copyright, trade marks and patents – see‘s collection of guides on protecting your intellectual property.

Different events, round tables and workshops will mark World IP Day globally. Some will focus on the topical IP rights in music; others will look at IP more generally. To find an event near you, browse Google’s World IP Day events map or join World IP Day Facebook page.