Why Your Company Needs A Custom Disclaimer

Whilst laws in Germany and the UK already require certain information to be included in a business disclaimer on all emails, many companies are still manually creating individual disclaimers for corporate email signatures.

This approach is both a drain on your company’s time and resources, and also leaves room for error on individual signatures with the company.

By using a team signature solution you can control and update all signatures to include your company’s disclaimer, reducing the likelihood for individual error, and save time on this necessary but tedious task, especially when your company grows, or organisational changes occur that involved updating a large number of employee details.


disclaimer signature example 1

Your corporate disclaimer should be unique to your company

Whilst you might currently use a disclaimer copied from another company, there are several reasons why you need a custom disclaimer for your corporate signature. Firstly, your needs for your business are unique, and your corporate disclaimer should reflect that. In order to both comply with your company and legal regulations, and potentially protect yourself against future legal action, your disclaimer should be customised for your corporate needs.

You may also need to customise the disclaimer you use within different departments of your company, based on the needs of each department.

Secondly, a custom team disclaimer helps to promote your business’s professional image, and can be an additional tool for branding your business. You can alter a custom disclaimer to reflect your corporate branding and style, whilst still focusing on compliance to the law and any company regulations or guidelines.


UK disclaimer with logo


Source: wisestamp.com