What Makes Entrepreneurs Different?

Entrepreneurs play a key role in society as they start businesses, create jobs and generate the wealth that enables education, health and other public services. They possess rare qualities that allow them to go beyond normal boundaries and turn dreams into reality. Entrepreneurs, in today’s world, may not have all the answers but they deserve attention and merit support.

Entrepreneurs tend to be unhappy with the status quo and are sufficiently restless to want to create a better way of doing things.

They are blessed with the ability to act on their ideas because in their mind the greater risk lies in not doing anything or, at least, in not trying.

Entrepreneurs tend to be stubborn about what they want and are happy to try different approaches to find solutions to the problems they face.

They focus on what they want to achieve with a relentless determination, learn from experience and use the lessons learned to change direction when needed.

Entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do and have a strong sense of purpose that provides them with a mindset and thought process different from the norm.

They, like all of us, experience failure but see it differently, as an opportunity to progress with greater experience and knowledge.

Entrepreneurs personify the idea that you make your own luck and decide your own destiny, as they have the ability to absorb setbacks and continue in their quest.

They start businesses with an idea they believe will work and adapt their plans according to what happens and how it happens.

Entrepreneurs take one step at a time and use feedback from what works and what doesn’t work to revise and adjust.

They work from self-interest but their ability to invent and reinvent new things affects us all and improves every part of the economy.

Entrepreneurs embrace and create change as a matter of course just as naturally as others resist and fight to remain static.

They need government and other organisations to support them and the way they think in order to encourage enterprise throughout all sectors of society.

Entrepreneurs concentrate on their task with precision and energy and are blessed with the ability to focus and ignore distractions.

They make life interesting by creating change and refusing to believe what they are told about why something can’t be done.

Entrepreneurs start with an idea and pursue it to exhaustion regardless of the difficulties or obstacles they meet along the way.

SO, entrepreneurs are different and make a difference by what they do and how they do it. And we are going to need more of them to start businesses, create jobs and help generate the wealth we need in future years.