TEDx Omagh Seeks To Inspire Creativity And Growth

A groundbreaking conference dedicated to inspirational talks and ideas is to make its Omagh debut later this year.

TEDx Omagh, which is an offshoot of the internationally renown series of TED conferences, will take place in the town at the end of November.

TED, which stands for technology, entertainment and design, is the twice annual conference in North America, showcasing inspirational talks on important ideas on a global scale. The event has been described as “the ultimate brain spa” and “a journey into the future in the company of those creating it”.

Now an offshoot of the world famous conference is coming to Omagh, courtesy of the TEDx Program. The TEDx program has spread the concept World-wide, opening up the chance for independent organisers to create a TED-like event in their own community.

Matthew Beaumont (27) is the man who is behind TEDx Omagh. Engaged to local woman Louise O’Hare, the London native moved into the Omagh area last year and brought with him a wealth of expertise in events planning and management.

“My history has been with organising corporate conferences, specialising in customer engagement and customer experience,” he said.

The 27-year-old had set up his own events company, the CX Society, but said organising a TED event is the realisation of a long-held goal.

“I have been trying to a get a licence for a TED event for a while now. When I moved into Omagh, everything that the area has gone through and how it has managed to put itself back together, that resonated with me,” he said.

“We submitted an application to hold a TED event in Omagh on the grounds of transformation and building for the future and the TED charity granted the licence.”

That licence has now been granted, which Matthew said is both exciting for him and the area. The only other Irish TEDx events have been held in Belfast, Dublin and Cork.

“The whole purpose of a TED event is to enlighten, inspire and to encourage creativity and growth,” he said.

It’s expected that the event will take place in the Strule Arts Centre on November 30.

Speakers are expected from the world of sport, politics, business and entertainment, but the events organiser said he intends that the majority of the speakers and performers will have a strong connection with Omagh and Co Tyrone.

“They are built for the local area, so most of the people on stage, sharing their ideas and sharing their inspiration, be it through music or keynote talks, you would expect three-quarters of those on stage to have some connection to Omagh or Tyrone.

“A speaking slot at a TED event is a prestigious thing to be able to put on a résumé,” added Matthew, who claimed he has already been approached by a potential speaker from Russia.

The London native stressed that TEDx Omagh remains a not-forprofit venture. “This is all being done on a voluntary basis. Any profits raised will be reinvested in TEDx Omagh for future years,” he said.

“Tickets for TEDx events are normally nominal. It is all about community and encouraging thoughts, conversations and debates, rather than somebody trying to make a quick buck.”

Matthew revealed that it is his intention to make the event an annual fixture. “My plans for this are to turn it into one of the best TEDx events that you will find on YouTube. I want it to have the best conversations, speeches and talks.

“I do think it’s really quite awesome to a see a TED event coming to Omagh. It won’t necessarily bring jobs, but it will celebrate what is awesome about the area.”

For more information on TEDx Omagh, visit www.facebook.com/tedxomagh or contact matt@tedxomagh.com.

Source: ulsterherald.com