Entrepreneurs Change The World; What Do You Do?

Entrepreneurs improve the lives of millions of people and create wealth for themselves and others by disrupting the status quo. They are positive in the most difficult of circumstances and create jobs in the most unlikely of places. Entrepreneurs make what they do look easy even when it is not. But how do they do it?

Seeing Opportunities

Entrepreneurs have a gift for seeing opportunities where many of us don’t, the determination to start a business with little more than an idea, and the wherewithal to grow it to immense scale with little resource or support.

They are creative and inventive particularly when faced with a challenge and possess an incredible capacity to focus when pursuing what they want.

Entrepreneurs are grounded in realism and understand the difficulties that surround them but, unsurprisingly, are rarely dissuaded from doing what they set out to do.

They challenge the traditional way of doing things and sometimes even the laws of the land, not least because their natural inclination is to be impatient about the present and positive about the future.

Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship has increased in popularity, as TV programmes, films, books, competitions and even the hallowed halls of universities celebrate, embrace and laud their contribution to business and to society.

Being an entrepreneur, however, is arduous and not for the faint hearted, the feeble or the frail; and even though many succeed beyond expectations others scrap and scrape and struggle to find fair reward.

Starting a Business

Even though the cost of starting a business has fallen in recent years the level of competition needed to succeed has increased and will keep climbing in an economy driven by advanced skills.

Technology too has made it easier to get into business and even raise finance as crowd-funding, business angels and venture capitalists all search for the latest entrepreneurs with a game-changing idea that will scale to a billion.

Entrepreneurs will always be mired in the middle of the fray and will always triumph, as they are adept at making judgements, calculating risk and taking the right decision when it matters most.

Countless organisations offer endless advice to entrepreneurs on what to do and how to do it but their instinct and self-belief leads them to follow their own voice and do their own thing in their own way.

Being an entrepreneur used to be an unusual occupation, a rarity, a quirky choice, the exception rather than the rule but is now more common for more people as entrepreneurship edges toward the mainstream.

Entrepreneurs affect and will continue to affect our lives in different and fundamental ways, as they revisit, reinvent and reinvigorate all areas of social and economic life.

SO, entrepreneurs change the world and the rest of us marvel at how easy they make it look. And, perhaps, wonder if we could do it too.