Funding For Video Games Developers

Find out if you’re eligible for the latest Creative Europe support

European video games developers have a chance to apply for funding under the MEDIA strand of the Creative Europe Programme.

The Development – Video Games scheme has opened for companies with proven experience who want to develop up to an alpha or beta version of a narrative-led video game.

The total budget for games sector support in 2015 is estimated at €2.5 million. The non-repayable grant awarded under this scheme can range from €10,000 to €150,000 and must be 50 per cent match funded.

What’s eligible?

Narrative-led video games are eligible regardless of platform or expected distribution method, provided they:

  • are intended for commercial exploitation
  • have substantial narrative elements
  • include a level of interactivity

Puzzle or quiz games, party games, sports games, reference works, instruction manuals, e-books, social platforms or networks, pornographic or racist material, promotional or branded content and other non-narrative-led games are not be eligible.

The production phase of the project must not start until eight months after application is submitted and additional points are available for games aimed at young audiences under 12.

Who can apply?

European companies can apply provided they are established in a country participating in the MEDIA programme and are majority owned by nationals from those countries.

The company must also:

  • have been registered for a minimum of 12 months
  • have video game production as main business activity
  • have a proven track record, ie company credit on a previous eligible video game
  • own the intellectual property rights to the project

Find out how to apply for video games development funding on the Creative Europe MEDIA website.

Deadline for applications is 11:00 on 26 March 2015.