Digital Storytelling Masterclass Videos

The workshops were delivered by Joanne Sweeney-Burke of Digital Training Institute. Joanne has 12 years experience in journalism, PR, lecturing and new media and will publish a book in early 2015 on how Police forces around the world use the social web. You might also recognise her as the 2011 finalist of the TV show The Apprentice.

Joanne Sweeney-Burke recently delivered 2 master classes to entrepreneurs/business from the local Tyrone, Fermanagh and Leitrim areas to give them an insight in showcasing their brand to the world. The master classes “Online PR” and “Digital Storytelling” were delivered through the Harnessing Creativity Programme.

Joanne says, “The power of the Internet has transformed the way we do business but it has also given us opportunities to make remarkable in-roads into new markets in the online global village. My masterclasses will teach practical skills to entrepreneurs to tell their own stories online. Afterall, it’s the story that will help sell you and your product.”

Also here is the link to the story that created during the Digital Storytelling Master class.

1 Intro, Public Relations, Web 2 0

2 Digital & PR Revolution

3 Knowing Your Niche & Connecting with Influencers

4 Stories, Marketing Content & Newsmakers

5 Press Release, Media Distribution & Media Relations

6 Online Reach & Monitoring Tools