Collage Collect Markers Call Out

Exhibit at the Collage Collective
Open call for Fine & Applied artists

It didn’t take long for artists, designers and crafters Genevieve Murphy, Kiera McCluskey, Talie Mau and Louise Hardman to see the benefit and opportunity being offered by the Western Social Enterprise Hub headed up by Jill Stronge to form a group and showcase and offer their work in a shop in the town centre in Enniskillen.

They call their group Collage Collective and have taken up the challenge to find other like-minded designer makers and high quality craft workers dedicated to developing their business for a six-months period starting in the spring of 2015 free of commission charges yet with a reasonable space rental charge and membership.

Collage Collective will be located in a large, modern, two story shop in Nugents Entry a few yards off Enniskillen’s very busy High Street. The ground floor retail space will display around 25 stand-alone showcase opportunities in a modern facility.

That together with an atmosphere to match the aspirations of those involved. Innovation, diversity and marketable items are the key requirements.

Plus Ample space on the first floor will offer rentable rooms for individuals, groups and craft workshops attended or run by those wishing to develop their work to a marketable stage.

The Group is seeking a wide range and diversity of ideas, while work will be juried as to its marketability, and how it will fit with other items being presented.

Local makers’ will be welcome to apply alongside designers, crafters and artists from the RoI and elsewhere. With stand-alone floor space Collage Collective will also be offering shelf space for those with smaller items to retail at a reduced monthly cost.

To recap: during the six months period Collage Collective is offering retail space commission free of any selling charges. An affordable, one-off membership fee of £25 will be charged followed by a maximum of £45 per month charge for display space to make the running cost of this project viable. It is planned that this income will contribute towards the continuation of this project after the initial six months period has expired.

Western Social Enterprise Hub is locally housed in the Clinton Centre, Enniskillen. It is the funding body behind this superb opportunity.

The Collage Collective group looks forward to meeting other like-minded designers and makers at their VIEWING AND OR OPEN DAY on 28 JANUARY 2015 between 11.00 – 14.00 and 19.00 – 21.00 at the Nugents Entry shop.

Please e-mail for more information or ring Wayne Hardman on 07732 844573. If these plans strike an accord with you and your product this is the time to see what Collage Collective are aiming to develop… before the builders get busy!