Why Small Businesses Can No Longer Ignore Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is increasingly becoming an essential part of running a successful business, no matter the size.

Traditionally, most small businesses have viewed digital marketing strategies as superfluous and inefficient. While there are certainly some small business owners that excel at digital marketing and have implemented successful strategies, there are still many small businesses that completely ignore their digital market.

However, in the ever-evolving business landscape it is no longer practical to overlook your digital audience. Here are some reasons small business owners cannot continue to disregard digital marketing.

Digital Marketing for a Growing Mobile Audience

One reason small businesses can’t afford to ignore digital is a rapidly growing mobile audience.

While most businesses understand the importance of having a website, many do not realize that their site should also be mobile friendly. Often business owners think simply having a website is enough, but as mobile usage continues to grow the importance of a good mobile experience grows as well.

Consumers are increasingly relying on mobile devices to help guide their purchasing decisions. So even if you don’t sell any actual products on your website, if your site is mobile friendly it can still drive foot traffic to your brick and mortar location.

Importance of Social Media

Another reason small business owners need to account for digital marketing is the mounting importance of social media.

Social media has become an extremely powerful marketing channel as it allows for businesses to connect with existing and potential customers on a more personal level. Neglecting social media would be a massive mistake and although there are ways to implement social media marketing (SMM) strategies offline, the majority of SMM tactics must be executed online.

The impact social can have for a company’s marketing alone should be enough to convince business owners to invest in digital.


These are two major reasons small business cannot continue to ignore digital marketing. As social media and mobile devices both continue to grow in popularity, digital marketing will only become even more important. No matter the size of your business, to be successful you must involve digital tactics within your overall marketing strategy.

Source: smallbusinesscan.com