4 Facebook Business Page Posting Mistakes That Hurt Your Engagement

Whenever talking about Facebook business page management, we need realize the fact that there are many mistakes that are done due to a clear lack of knowledge. Everyone seems to believe that they know exactly how to post on this social network for a business when the truth is exactly the opposite. In order to help you out, here are 4 really common Facebook business page posting mistakes that too many make. Avoid them and your engagement will be stronger!

Using Too Much Text

As a general rule of thumb, if the visitor needs to click See More, you added way too much text. If there is just one thing to learn from Twitter, it is that short messages are really effective.

Do not treat Facebook as a place where you write blog posts. Just follow the Twitter 140 character limit on your Facebook business pages.

Adding Multiple Links

On ANY Facebook page you need to include just one call-to-action, with the purpose of achieving 1 goal. If you add many calls to actions, you will end up with visitors that are confused and the post will not be digested properly.

Every single Facebook post for a Business Page should be treated as an ad. It has to present an offer and entice the user to perform an action. You should never add more links than one.

Promoting Businesses And Products Directly

Most people out there do not like to see posts that are too promotional. The big problem is that business managers usually want to see just posts that promote products and services on their Facebook Business pages. This is a huge mistake. When you run a page for a Cold Stone franchise, you cannot just mention products you sell. This will make people step away from you and managers actually end up thinking that Facebook does not work for business.

Do not believe that you should not promote your company. You should but you need to offer posts that actually offer value for the visitors. This is the most important thing at the end of the day. Instead of saying something like “Buy these glasses”, say something like “Do you know that these glasses are in style?”

Lack Of Response To The Negative Comments

Social media does not finish after you post. Thinking that this is the case is a huge mistake. There will be situations in which negative comments will appear on your Facebook page. Unfortunately, many managers just delete the comments or do not respond. This is a huge mistake.

Monitor Facebook comments and even page mentions. When you see that there are negative comments and they appear because of a negative experience, it is vital that you respond. If possible, try to respond as fast as possible and make sure that you always use a personal voice, even if the page is one that features a lot of professional language.

Remember these 4 mistakes and never make them. This will help you to increase engagement and basically not reduce it as you are creating a bad environment for the visitors.

Source: smallbusinesscan.com