Do You Want To Be A Hero?

The idea of running your own business has grown in popularity, as government, the media and others celebrate the benefits. Parents, traditionally, encouraged children to study hard at school and enter the secure worlds of banking, law and medicine. In more recent years, however, the idea of becoming an entrepreneur has become fashionable. Why?

The profile of successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and TV shows like Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice have helped to get more people interested in running their own business.

The entrepreneur is now seen as having as key role in the economy and in society, as they connect with each other and create jobs, generate and spread wealth, and influence and shape the economy.

People of all ages are interested in working for themselves as a way to keep up with the changes taking place in the economy, as it reboots and reinvents for a digitally dominated 21st century.

Many people start a business with the sole purpose of making as much money as possible, others see it as a way to express themselves, make a difference and create the life they want.

Entrepreneurs often describe their motivation in terms other than money, as running a business allows them to realise their ambitions and work according to their values in a way that excites and stimulates.

Whatever the reason for its popularity entrepreneurship and running your own business are now seen as a viable and worthwhile alternative to working for someone else.

Starting your own business is seen as a way to create your own job rather than look for a job at a time when jobs and job security are increasingly rare commodities.

Technology too has played a role as easy and speedy access to the Internet reduces set-up costs and opens global markets to people with good ideas and the ability to turn them into businesses.

The Internet with its power to connect the world has raised expectations and lowered barriers for entrepreneurs with the will and passion to succeed.

People are, increasingly, placing greater value on their quality of life and the experiences they enjoy in the present rather than waiting for what may happen in the future.

Starting and running a business, in this context, provides a meaningful way to live, not least, as an expression of a growing trend that sees the entrepreneur as hero.

The case for entrepreneurship has reached new levels of public awareness, as greater numbers of people start their own business or, at least, know someone who has done so.

SO, the idea of starting a business has reached a tipping point and is now seen as a credible way to create a meaningful and successful life.