DARD Introduces On-Line Tools To Help Farmers Prepare For CAP Reform Schemes

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) has introduced a suite of on-line tools to assist farmers preparing for the introduction of CAP Reform schemes in 2015. The tools, which are available on DARD Online Services include a Field Classification Identifier; a Greening Calculator and a Basic Payment Scheme and Greening Payment Calculator.

From 2015 it will be compulsory for all applicants to the Basic Payment Scheme to comply with greening requirements. In return, they will receive a greening payment calculated as a percentage of the total value of entitlements activated by them each year. Thirty per cent of the money allocated to Northern Ireland for direct payments will be allocated to the greening payment.

The majority of farmers in Northern Ireland will meet greening requirements without having to take any additional action. However, for the minority who will not, early planning is essential because non-compliance will result in reductions to their greening payment.

The Field Classification Identifier provides a provisional classification of each field in Northern Ireland, based on the field usages declared on the Single Application Form for the years 2010 – 2014 inclusive. Provisional classification of fields as arable, permanent grassland or permanent crops will help farmers to determine whether or not they have to undertake specific actions on their holding to meet greening requirements. Where a farmer identifies a need to undertake specific actions, the Greening Calculator tool will be of assistance in helping him/her to plan for how their requirements might best be met. The Basic Payment Scheme and Greening Payment Calculator will enable farmers to enter the value of their 2014 entitlements in order to determine the estimated value of their 2015 Basic Payment Scheme and Greening Payment. Each of the tools should be used for estimation purposes only and are not a guarantee of future payments.

DARD is committed to keeping farmers informed and supporting them in their preparations for CAP Reform schemes. The on-line support tools will be supplemented with:

  • direct correspondence with those farmers whose records indicate that they may be likely to have to undertake greening requirements in 2015;
  • an online greening bulletin; and
  • a series of greening workshops to be delivered by DARD’s Farming Advisory System during the winter.

Further information is also available at: Countdown to CAP on the DARD website.

If you have a specific query on greening you can call the DARD Grants and Funding number on 0300 200 7848 or send an email to the dedicated greening e-mail address: greeninghelpline@dardni.gov.uk.