Review of Business Red Tape

The Review of Northern Ireland Business Red Tape is underway. The review is about getting the experience and ideas of those who are impacted by regulation on a daily basis to help us reform red tape.

The NI Executive is keen to improve the regulatory landscape in Northern Ireland, and reduce unnecessary burden where it may exist for businesses. The Review is being led by the Department of Enterprise, Trade & Investment on behalf of Minister Foster and her Executive colleagues.

The Review intends to expose rules and practices that could be considered ‘red tape’, by collecting the real-life experiences of businesses, regulators and NI Departments.

We want to get your thoughts on:

  1. Regulations that should stay, those that could be merged and others which can be scrapped.
  2. How we can improve our communication on business regulations to help you understand how to comply – read more on the Communications Workstrand
  3. Current policies of the UK Government and which might work if adopted by the NI Executive – read more on the UK Policies Workstrand
  4. How our Regulators could work better to be more effective while being less intrusive – read more on the Regulatory Delivery Workstrand

The success of this review will depend on you sharing your views on the regulatory issues that cause you greatest concern.

Have your say by submitting your ideas and views through our online form.


Review of Business Red Tape