Do You Want To Start A Business?

Many people are making the decision to start their own business, as government and support agencies encourage enterprise and entrepreneurship. Even the media celebrate the achievements of business owners and recognise their contribution to the economy. But what is the truth? Is starting your own business a good idea?

Men and women, young and old, those with experience and those without are all joining the ground swell of people who want to start and run their own business.

Looking at the facts, people who choose to work for themselves come from all ages, skills, abilities, genders, experiences, backgrounds and types of education.

People who run their own business report higher levels of happiness and satisfaction and a deep sense of freedom and control about what they do.

They have a clear purpose and appreciation of life, even though they work long hours and, in many cases, earn less than people who are employed.

They report making the decision to start a business as a positive choice, rather than one forced upon them out of necessity or as a response to difficult circumstances.

Business ownership, however, needs to be seen in a pragmatic light, rather than the more popular view that sees every entrepreneur as a millionaire or billionaire.

In reality, experiences differ greatly, as what works for one person may not for another and what leads to success for one business may end in failure for another.

Different people have different reasons for getting into business and, undoubtedly, achieve different levels of success, as they thrive on, or struggle with, finding a profitable vocation.

Some business owners want to employ few staff and trade locally; others want to employ hundreds of people and trade in as many countries as possible.

Others start profitable part-time businesses to generate extra income while working for an employer; others are interested in lifestyle businesses that spring from an interest or hobby.

Regardless of the business, it is important to get the right help at the right time, as entrepreneurs feel isolated and alone when wrestling with their dreads and demons.

Interestingly, the move towards more people starting in business has an effect on traditional employers, as it reduces the number of people available to work as employees.

SO, more people are running their own business and relishing the freedom of being their own boss in a trend that is changing lives and lifestyles.

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