Why it is Necessary to Create a Mobile Website for Your Business

Mobile is encompassing every conceivable industry today. The number of mobile device users is rising by the minute, resulting in a proportionate rise in the manufacture of different kinds of mobile devices, mobile OS’ and also apps for the same. This platform is now emerging as the best tool for business owners to showcase, market and sell their products as well, while also interacting with their customers and engaging them enough to encourage them to repeatedly visit and purchase items from them. Creating a mobile Website is the best way you can develop and build your mobile presence, thereby strengthening the chances of success with your business venture.

While the bigger businesses can easily afford to create and maintain a mobile Website, the smaller businesses do not easily adopt this new platform. However, the fact is that businesses that do possess a mobile presence are at a clear advantage over those that do not. Here are reasons why it is necessary to create a mobile Website for your business:

Reaching more Smartphone Users

More and more mobile users are now going in for smartphone and other mobile devices. Mobile phones are no longer used only for keeping in touch with people – they are now emerging as a viable means of doing business, letting customers know about new product updates, helping them out with chats in real time and encouraging them to share information about you on their social networks, all of this, while on the go.

Regular Websites do not render properly on mobile devices and hence, do not end up giving a good overall user experience to mobile visitors. Creating a mobile Website helps you to reach and satisfy a lot more visitors, thereby increasing the chances of converting them into your customers.

Promoting Your Business

You can include all details regarding your business on your Website, giving your visitors easy access to your office or shop address, contact numbers, directions, maps and so on. These details enable them to contact you with ease, without having to wait to get more details or to find a place that gives them access to the Internet.

Additionally, you can make use of typically mobile-specific features such as location and click-to-call to your advantage. Offering them deals or discounts while they are in your area of business further encourages them to keep visiting you more often and also sharing this information with their friends online. You can also make use of QR codes to advertise your products on traditional print media, thereby directing yet more potential users toward your business.

Enhanced Google Ranking

Google ranks mobile Websites slightly differently, in the sense that it sometimes does tend to give more priority to Websites that it considers as mobile friendly. Though that does not imply that it gives equal priority to all Websites, it does rank those Websites better that renders better on mobile devices.

This means that your Website has a good chance of being displayed earlier and more often in Google’s search engine results if it loads faster, looks better resolution-wise and is also easier to navigate on the user’s mobile device.
In Conclusion

Considering all of the above-mentioned points, it does benefit companies to create a mobile version of their Website in order to further promote their business. Today, it is very affordable to develop a mobile-friendly Website. In fact, most Web designers work with a responsive site design, so that it can easily fit in with the present mobile trend. Hence, it would be advisable for to you invest just that little extra time and money to develop a mobile Website for your business.

Source: mobiledevices.about.com