5 Steps to Make Your Employees Happy

Finding proper motivation for your employees is one of the most important things in business, if not the most important one. When you have a happy and motivated worker on your staff, you have a properly functioning business on your hands. The sooner you realize the better – your business depends on two factors primarily: Customers and your Employees. So, in order to work well and prosper even better, focus your nourishing instinct on your employees.

Here are some steps you could take in order to get your employees happy. Let’s start with basics:

1. Think big

No matter how much we love our jobs, sometimes it feels like we’ve collectively fallen into a rut. In order for all of us to stay motivated it is important to always focus on the big picture and what all we can accomplish with joint effort. It helps to remind your employees of their beginning at the firm. Remind them who they used to be – young, fresh, motivated entrepreneurs hungry for success and advancement. What drives true business people is a goal towards which they are heading, not the daily to-dos. So, make it your priority to be your team’s main supporter and motivator. Explain it to them that together you can do anything!

2. Quality process is everything

Both teams and individuals procrastinate, there’s no secret there. We are all human, we get tired. But putting off certain tasks is sometimes more harmful than your employees realize. What’s yet another task to them may be a cornerstone for your next success. In order to motivate them, your job is to explain the chain of events. Talk to your employees and have them realize that such notion as small steps doesn’t exit. Everybody needs to be as engaged as they can be in order to achieve something. Hence, you should all collectively value the process and work on its advancement together.

3. Observe, note, act

The best way to motivate people you work with is to know them. You don’t need to go to dinners with them or play golf together, but you should at least observe them not just as people who make you money but as p.e.o.p.l.e. What excites them, what makes them productive… what are their likes and dislikes, do they prefer black coffee or nes coffee or both, and so on. Try to interact and engage with them the best way possible. When you are talking to them – listen to what they have to say. Big chances are they themselves will give you answers to how to motivate them.

4. Place of work

The place of our work is the place we spend most of our time at. This only means such place needs to be a space that doesn’t influence negatively our productivity, morale, but on the contrary – that lifts our spirits up and helps us give out best. So, make a couple of changes that will bring your office to life. Think ergonomics, think style, think novelty! Buy comfortable furniture for your employees, paint the space, and buy some modern rugs to complement the office. It is all very easy and it will make your colleagues more than happy and satisfied!

5. Be positive

Using positive reinforcement has proven to be super successful. If you note and acknowledge people’s work, how else will they know they are valued? If you keep negative attitude, notice every little thing that’s wrong while omitting to notice huge success not only will your employees hate your gut (yes, that’s right) but they will secretly be looking for another job where their employer will actually have a nice word here and there. So, remember your colleagues’ past successes, notice their new ones, praise them in front of everybody, have them realize they are valued!

Source: smallbusinesscan.com