Omagh Enterprise and Fermanagh Enterprise RBS Inspiring Enterprise Application.

Medium grants

What is your organisation called and what does it do?

Fermanagh and Omagh Enterprise are long-established Local Enterprise Agencies and provide support to Pre-Start; Start-Up; and Existing Businesses. They do this through the provision of training, mentoring, advice and hands-on support, as well as incubator workspace. They have an open door policy to members of the public wishing to explore self employment, offering free advice from experienced staff. They work closely with the local community, voluntary and education organisations to encourage and facilitate the next generation of businesses.

Project Aims

  • Facilitate the movement of 24 young people into self employment in Fermanagh/Omagh area
  • Raise awareness of Young people in Enterprise and encourage others to consider it
  • Assist with access to Business Finance
  • Build the confidence, skills and contacts of the participants
  • Introduce role models and best practice for young entrepreneurs
  • Celebrate NXT-GEN-BIZ
  • Increase the contribution made by young people to the local economy
  • Contribute to the local economy through increased jobs, lower unemployment and wealth generation.

How will you use the funding and how many people will you reach?

  • 24 Young People to participate in NXT-GEN-BIZ programme
  • Training/research phase
  • Support Test Trading period including sourcing finance event
  • Celebration of NXT-GEN-BIZ Event
  • 800 Facebook/Twitter followers engage in their journey through weekly blogs/Q&A
  • 120 school/college and young people with an interest in enterprise attend an inspirational event led by the participants
  • 300 future start-up clients will benefit from increased knowledge base
  • Raise awareness throughout the county through newspaper, website and Facebook “like” competition
  • Engage with local decision-makers and influence future policy.

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