Are You Looking For A Job?

Technology is changing the world and creating demand for new skills amongst those in work and those looking for work. Future trends are difficult to predict but it is safe to say that skills have become the new currency of the job seeker. And the job seeker of the future will need all the currency they can get to succeed.

The growth of the digital economy means the skills employers want are changing and will continue to change, as previously stable areas of business are disrupted and destroyed.

Jobs in all categories are affected and anyone without the willingness to learn, flexibility to change and ability to adapt will struggle to succeed.

The nature of work is changing too, as businesses increase collaboration and develop networks of suppliers and partners to operate at the lowest cost.

The ability of a business to continuously reduce overheads and employ the minimum number of people offers significant competitive advantage in the new economy.

Business creativity and innovation are now seen as essential, as the pace of change quickens and product life cycles become shorter and less profitable.

One effect of increased competition is that employees have to take more responsibility for their personal development, training and career progression.

Young people, in particular, have to learn to become more flexible and resilient in the workplace in order to gain experience and add value to employers.

Given the level of structural change that is taking place in the economy, many traditional middle-level jobs are disappearing as the ‘hourglass’ economy takes hold.

Technology will continue to destroy many traditional jobs and create new ones, as the old fashioned comfort of the ‘middle’ gets squeezed.

Inequality will increase as those with the right skills are rewarded with higher salaries, more jobs and greater choice; and those without the right skills are penalised with lower salaries, fewer jobs and less choice.

Such change is already happening and will continue, as the effects of the internet spread throughout the economy and find their way into every aspect of our daily lives.

SO, you must embrace the opportunities created by technology and change; and to do so you must develop the right skills or risk getting left behind.

What do you think?

Are you looking for a job?

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