Energy Efficiency Grant Scheme

Energia in association with NISEP have funding available in Northern Ireland for energy efficiency projects. This year there is funding available for the projects listed below.

2014/15 Grant Scheme

  • LED/Fluorescent Lighting
  • SME LED Lighting Energy Package
  • Hy-Save Refrigeration Pump
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Boiler Burner Controller
  • Variable Speed Compressors
  • Heat Recovery on CAS
  • Compressed Air Control System
  • Alluminium Compressed Air Piping

The above schemes are all subject to meeting savings targets and end on 1st March 2015.

Grants are only offered whereby the energy efficiency project would not go ahead without NISEP funding.

If you would like to find out how you can receive at least a 20% grant towards your energy efficiency project or for more information contact

Did you know?

You can also avail of Enhanced Capital Allowances, see

Benefits of High Bay & LED Lighting

  • Saves Energy.
  • Reduces Costs.
  • Can benefit from increased lighting controls and movement sensors.
  • Maximises use of natural daylight.
  • Reduces Carbon emissions

Benefits of SME LED Lighting Energy Package

  • In a typical small office or shop there are four common areas where savings can be achieved; these include; lighting (50W spot or fluorescent lights), refrigerated drinks or confectionary machines, appliances left on and monitoring of the energy usage.
  • This project is designed to provide a solution to reduce consumption in each of these areas, these include;
    • Energy Monitor and software.
    • LED lamps
    • Time-switch control for refrigerated drinks machine so it can be switched off when the premises is unoccupied.
    • Smart Control 6 way extension

Benefits of Hy-Save Refrigeration Pump

  • Lower refrigerant costs.
  • Reduces maintenance.
  • Increases cooling capacity.
  • Increases energy savings.
  • Cuts CO2 emissions.

Benefits of Variable Speed Drives & Compressors

  • Increases control of the process.
  • Can reduce startup surges and this can reduce electricity charges for demand factors.
  • Saves energy in applications that run at partial speed and load for the majority of the time.
  • Variable Speed Drives/ Compressors can prolong the life of equipment.
  • Variable Speed Drives/ Compressors can reduce the level of noise compared with a fixed drive/ Compressor.
  • Benefits of Heating Boiler Controls

Benefits of Aluminium Compressed Air Piping

This project is for the design and replacement of existing steel air pipework with new Aluminium Compressed Air Piping.

Benefits replacing compressed air line pipework, fittings and joints.

  • The new joint clamping and sealing system virtually eliminates air leaks while improving efficiency.
  • ‘live hot tapping’ facility means production can continue unabated throughout any changes, relocations or machine movements
  • The aluminium extruded piping delivers a fine, smooth internal bore reducing air resistance
  • Has a wide selection of angle and straight joints, quick clamping pieces and connectors
  • Is totally flexible in layout design and quick to install
  • The speed and ease of accurate installation reduces labour time

Benefits of Compressed Air Control System

This project is for the design and installation of control & management system for compressed air generation and vacuum installations.

  • Key benefits and features
  • Can cut energy consumption/cost by between 20% and 25% in large compressed air systems
  • Identifies when and how much the air plant is consuming and more importantly wasting
  • Device & equipment monitoring (flow, pressure, temperature, dew point, vibration etc)
  • Automation of ancillary equipment (drying, filtration, cooling, ventilation etc)
  • Records the key data and can
  • Compressed air or vacuum control
  • Verifies savings
  • Browser accessible dashboard
  • System key performance reporting
  • Event and alarm via email and SMS
  • Integration with factory BMS