How To Be A Great Boss

The role of management is often studied to see how organisations can improve performance. Relatively little attention, however, is paid to what it takes to be a great boss. In an attempt to answer the question, here are some suggestions.

Communicate early and often

When the business is going well it is important to acknowledge what is working and share credit for the success of the organisation.

When business is not going well it is important to let people know what is happening, why it is happening and what is being done to fix it.

Be visible and available

There is a particular type of management called ‘management by walking around’ that highlights the importance of being visible and available.

Such an approach helps to get a feel of the organisation and receive feedback from staff and customers outside the normal management reporting structures.

Motivate and build trust

Set clear, focussed and challenging goals for the business and engage everyone in achieving them.

Build a positive environment and trust people to work together to find solutions to problems, rather than constantly check on what they are doing.

Be friendly and flexible

It’s easy to be ‘busy being busy’ and forget the importance of slowing down, talking to people and getting their opinion on how things are going and what can be improved.

Life, they say, is what happens while we make our plans, so make your plans but remember, in the meantime, to be friendly and flexible to the needs of those around you.

Be grateful and positive

It takes a lot of effort by a lot of people to make a business successful, so be grateful when things are going well and thank people for a job well done.

Be positive and remember how you feel – good mood or bad mood – has an impact throughout the organisation.

Be dependable and even a little boring

People need to know the boss is dependable even when times are good and, crucially, when times are bad and the future is uncertain.

Dependability is often about making sure the day-to-day basics of the business are right, which can, at times, seem mundane and even a little boring.

SO, while management is often studied in an attempt to turn it into a science, the ability to be a good boss remains more art than science.

What do you think?

Are you a good boss?

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