Why Firms Must All Get Used To Operating In The Global Village

Is exporting something that should be celebrated? Should an export focus not be a given? Is export like e-commerce. No need for the ‘e’ (commerce is e-commerce). Is exporting not another word for operating in a global village? Is export another word for internationalisation? Is selling on a global scale not inevitable if your company wants to grow? Will every company in the future have clients outside Northern Ireland (as a consequence of the trends in technology social media and e-commerce)? Holidays are bad for entrepreneurs. They create too many questions. But they are the questions you should ask yourself.

On the same holiday I read the book Entrepreneurs’ Revolution, which answers some of these questions. And raises more. The starting point of the book is that the industrial revolution is over, the information technology revolution is about to be over and we are entering the entrepreneur revolution. We are moving from hands and heads to hearts. The future is customer intimacy, delivered by entrepreneurs who deliver value, and love what they are doing.

All the new technology available is allowing everyone to follow their passion, heart and dreams. Following your passion makes you able to compete against the big boys. It also allows you to be in charge of your destiny without being controlled by ‘The Man’ (free at last).

As entrepreneur/business owner, you are ahead of the curve and in a good space. What makes it interesting is the introduction of the term ‘global small business’. He argues technology now enables you to go global overnight. Combine that with what the author calls the ascending transaction model (ATM) and you have a formula for success. ATM consists of a gift, a quick win product, a core product and a logical next step. Each step has increasing revenue potential. With all steps having a high emphasis on excellence, customer delight, client success and sales. Clanconnel is doing it. Tamnagh can do it. You can do it too. You should.

Source: belfasttelegraph.co.uk