Increase Your Flexibility with Remote Working

If you are a working parent, you may already feel trapped by the constraints of your job. From the rigmarole of going to and from your workplace, the formality of office attire and the rigid working times. Have you ever thought that things would be easier if you could just do your job? Well with remote working, you can do just that.

Below is a selection of just a few of the benefits remote working could have for working parents.

Don’t waste anymore time

Do you ever struggle to get yourself and your child ready in the morning, or find yourself fighting traffic between dropping your little one off and getting to work on time? Remote working can bring about the end of stressful commutes. You can concentrate on your child in the morning, and then come home to start a day of work on your own terms.

Open yourself up to new opportunities

You will no doubt know how hard it can be to get your child into the school you want, so the prospect of taking them out and starting the process again just because you’ve got a new job in a different location is far from appealing. The great thing about remote working is that you can choose from jobs all across the globe. You can seek out better opportunities, or a position that best suits your existing skills.

Reduce your stress levels

Remote working can give employees a much calmer working experience. When you work at home there is no uniform or dress code, and you are no longer tied to a desk and chair. You have the freedom to wear what you want and work where you want in your home. You also have the opportunity to take real breaks. You can cook your own lunch, read a book or even watch the news, after which you can return to your task feeling rejuvenated. At home you also don’t have office politics or bad management skills to contend with.

Increase your experience and productivity

As stated above, remote working means that you will have the opportunity to manage your own time. You have ultimate control over your own deadlines without people distracting or checking up on you. This can be a very liberating experience. A lack of distractions means that you can be more productive. You can finally work in peace and quiet.

Work to your own hours

Depending on your current employer, or the employer at your new remote working position, you can agree what times you will be available to work remotely. This way your employer will know when you are available in case he needs to contact you. This means you can work at times that better suit you and your family. This additional flexibility can ease the pressures and burdens placed upon working parents.

We hope that this has given you a better idea of the advantages remote working has to offer.

This post was written by Denise Austin, mother and keen writer working at Face for Business.