Use Resources Efficiently In Your Office


Offices are often seen as having little or no impact on the environment. However, although they are unlikely to pose a direct pollution risk, they still use significant quantities of resources such as paper, energy and water. They also produce waste that needs to be dealt with and use transport.

Using resources and transport efficiently, and reducing waste, can help businesses with offices to cut their costs and minimise their impact on the environment.

This guide looks at how businesses with offices can use paper, water, energy and transport efficiently. It also outlines how waste should be reduced and managed effectively.

Manage resources efficiently in your office

The most effective way to reduce your use of resources in the office is to take a systematic approach. You can do this by:

  • setting a baseline – work out your current performance as a starting point for improvement
  • benchmarking – compare your performance against similar organisations
  • creating an action plan – once potential improvements are clear, you need to make an action plan to achieve them
  • setting targets and responsibilities – the targets should be achievable, with people responsible for meeting them
  • monitoring and reporting – measure your performance and set up reporting processes
  • reviewing actions and performance – this will enable you to learn lessons and continually improve

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