New Carrickmore Brewer Launches First Ale

One of Northern Ireland’s newest brewers is to launch its first ale.

The Pokertree Brewing Company in Carrickmore, Co Tyrone is just the latest microbrewer making craft ales in a growing trend.

The new beer, Ghrian – Irish for sun – has been launched at specialists outlets across the north.

Artisan brewer Darren Nugent described the drink as a “light golden ale with a pleasing hop kick and fragrant aroma that makes it stand out from more traditional lagers”.

It is the first of four products planned by Pokertree – so called after a tree in the centre of Carrickmore village where the devil is said to have been seen playing cards.

“We chose Ghrian as our first beer to launch as it is light in colour and in many ways resembles more mainstream lagers so we felt that it would encourage more people to take a chance and try it for themselves,” Mr Nugent said.

“When they do what they will find is a glass bursting with flavour from a number of different malts and bite from three types of hops giving it a depth of flavour that more and more people are seeking out.

“We have seen with the growth in popularity in events such as the Belfast Beer and Cider Festival and the increase in the number of local breweries across Northern Ireland that there is a real increase in demand for flavourful handmade and importantly, locally produced products that provide something different and unique.”

Pokertree has big plans for the future with its brewery capable of producing approximately 20,000 bottles a week at full production.

Mr Nugent said sales had so far “been very positive” and that sights were already set on selling the beers in the Republic and Britain.