Waste Transfer Notes Go Paperless With edoc

From January 2014 you can cut paper waste and save time and money by using a new online system for recording waste transfers

Waste transfer notes (WTN) are the important pieces of evidence that legal duty of care has been properly exercised in handling your waste. Until now they have largely been completed by hand, with paper copies kept on file for the requisite two years or more.

But that’s all about to change with the launch in January 2014 of edoc (electronic duty of care). Backed by government bodies and the waste sector, edoc is a new system to enable you to securely create, share, sign and record waste transfer notes online.

The costs of paper WTN creation, storage and retrieval can be very high – edoc will reduce unnecessary administration and save you time and money.

The new edoc system will allow you to:

  • create a WTN online and share it between parties
  • review, edit, sign and store electronic WTNs online
  • receive automatic email notifications when there is an action for your attention
  • see a log of actions performed on a WTN, by whom and when
  • create a season ticket with the option to include multiple waste types, containers and collection frequencies
  • receive email alerts when a season ticket is about to expire
  • search and retrieve WTNs quickly and easily
  • create downloadable business reports on the waste transfers you have been involved in and on the wider picture of waste transfers
  • recorded on edoc
  • use an optional tracking system
  • see the fate of your waste

You can find more about the edoc system on the edoc website.

You can also get further advice on business waste issues by contacting the Northern Ireland Environment Agency helpline on Tel 0845 302 0008.

Source: nibusinessinfo.co.uk