7 Essential Apps For Every Business Women

In the age of technology and smartphones, modern women entrepreneurs are constantly having to find different ways of doing business. Luckily these seven apps exist to make life a bit easier! So without further ado here are 7 essential apps for every business women…

1. BizExpense

Collecting receipts and claiming business expenses can quickly become a time consuming nightmare, but luckily BizExpense can do all of this for you! By simply scanning your receipts on the spot this app does away with all the paper, and also orders your receipts in the order that they were scanned. No more forgetting those little charges! One of the coolest features is the ability to export all of your expenses into a spreadsheet file for later use, saving you a stack of time.

2. Bump

Another app that eliminates the need for paper is the Bump app, which acts as a digital business card. Simply bump two smart phones together and the business cards are transmitted between the two users. No more paper! In addition, the Bump app can now be used to share other files such as photos or emails, simply by touching your phones together.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is the ultimate app for sharing, syncing and backing up your files. A singular Dropbox folder can be synchronized with any computer, tablet or smart phone. Once a file is deposited in this folder it can now be opened anywhere, regardless of the device the user is on. This app is very handy because it eliminates the need to email files to yourself and also provides instant back up for your documents. If one device crashes, you can still access your files from a different device!

4. Dragon Dictation

This convenient dictation app listens to you speak and creates a highly accurate transcription of what has been said. After dictation has been completed the user can save the file or immediately send it via email or social media. No more typing endless emails, just say them out loud!

5. Business Loan Calculator

Every business needs money, and business loan calculator is a handy app that allows the user to anticipate in required payments on a loan. Simply enter the loan amount, length of the loan and the interest rate and this app will quickly estimate your monthly repayments and residual payments. A must have app for financial planning.

6. Skype

This one might seem obvious, but nothing can delay a business like not having access to people when you need them. Skype allows face-to-face video conferencing over the Internet, all for free! With this handy app you can have meetings with clients anywhere in the world, at any time, without hurting your back pocket.

7. Evernote

Evernote is an extension of the traditional notepad and pen, but with a whole bunch of other features. The app allows you to capture anything you can see or hear, giving the user the ability to write notes, record voice samples, and snap photos. You can organize all of your notes by time or by category, which makes finding them a breeze. You can also synchronize everything, allowing you unprecedented access to your notes on multiple devices.

Whether you are looking for easier ways to communicate, advice on financial planning or simply a better way to organize yourself, these 7 apps are essential for every business woman.

Source: smallbusinesscan.com