Don’t Get a Fright This Halloween By Selling Fireworks Illegally

Retailers in Northern Ireland are reminded that it is illegal to sell fireworks without being registered or licensed by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

October is traditionally the biggest month for fireworks sales in Northern Ireland, in the run-up to Halloween. However fireworks are dangerous explosives which are tightly regulated in Northern Ireland. Retailers must contact DOJ to apply for registration or a licence, depending on the type and quantity of fireworks intended for sale.

You must display your certificate of registration or licence in a prominent position by the point of sale. You may be fined up to £5,000 and/or imprisoned if you sell fireworks without permission from DOJ.

You can find more information on registration and conditions, see the Firework retailer registration (Northern Ireland) guide on the GOV.UK website.

Contact the Firearms and Explosives Branch at DOJ for more information and a retailer application form Tel: 0300 200 7881 or email:

You can find general information on fireworks, firework safety and the law, applying for a fireworks licence and the list of registered fireworks retailers on the nidirect website.