IT Sector Growth To ‘Bring In Jobs’

Hundreds of jobs could be created in the next year in the north’s booming IT sector, which is enjoying a period of “unprecedented growth”, a recruitment expert claimed yesterday.

And he labelled Northern Ireland as the “new Silicon Valley” for IT professionals.

“In the past 12 months our team of consultants has placed more than 400 IT professionals into specialist roles here,” VanRath managing director Wayne Sullivan claimed.

“But we expect this number to nearly double in the next year as we continue to work closely with local and international IT businesses, identifying the best professionals for their organisations.”

Mr Sullivan was speaking as VanRath launched a new marketing campaign to highlight the need for people in the sector to plan carefully their long-term careers, taking advantage of the range of opportunities currently available.

The campaign highlights common misconceptions or ‘fairy tales’ within the sector as a result of the widespread use of social media and word of mouth, with potential candidates believing they can manage their own careers.

Mr Sullivan said: “There’s an exceptional pool of IT talent available locally but competition for top IT professionals is high and people are understandably cautious about leaving existing posts.

“Candidates can have significant misconceptions about opportunities available and need to seek expert career advice.”


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