Are You Creative? Part II

Technology and social media are changing the world at greater speed than ever and to keep up we need to be more creative. We need creativity in our work and in our lives and most of all in our thinking, as it will help us to manage change. Change is never easy and seldom welcome but it can be less stressful and less difficult when we are creative in our approach.

Different people define creativity in different ways but a simple definition is ‘the production of something original and useful’.

Creative thinking enables the generation of original ideas and the ability to develop such ideas into useful solutions.

The need for creativity has never been greater, not least because of the economic climate and the range of austerity measures taken by so many governments.

Similarly, there is a need for creativity in solving some of the major problems facing the world such as poverty and hunger, as population growth strains resources.

There is, unfortunately, a concern that our creativity and ability to solve problems is stifled by the amount of time we spend watching TV, playing video games and surfing the internet.

Creativity, traditionally, has been linked with the arts and culture but in recent years it is viewed as relevant to all disciplines from maths to engineering to business to science.

Creativity is now seen as essential to the teaching of any subject, as it enables the learner to solve problems rather than simply learn a series of facts and figures for later recall.

Creativity used to be associated with thinking on the right side of the brain, whereas, the left side of the brain was believed to be more in tune with facts and figures.

In reality, both sides of the brain are engaged in creative thinking as they work together to consider the facts, search for answers and solve problems.

Working in such an integrated way enables the brain to pull together new ideas and link with old memories to create new thoughts.

The ideal double act between both sides of the brain ensures the checking of facts, examination of problems and identification of solutions.

SO, technology brings change, change brings uncertainty, and uncertainty needs creativity to find solutions.

What about you?

Are you creative?

Look forward to hearing your stories and feedback in the comments below.