How To Build Your Brand

Today’s small businesses often struggle to build a brand.  This happens for many reasons.  They usually don’t have the marketing department or budget that larger firms have in order to build an effective brand.  However, branding is still important – even for the smallest business.  Fortunately, these simple “How To Build Your Brand” tips can aid any small business to success in their branding endeavors.

1 – Define Your Brand

The first aspect of branding is a basic definition.  Every business regardless of its size should understand what their business offers and how they want to market that to their customers.  This is the fundamental aspect to branding.  It will allow you to determine how you want to connect with your customers and determine better marketing plans.

2 – Think Of It As A Person

One of the best ways to understand your brand better is to think of it as a person.  This will allow you to connect with it better.  Are there any stories, values, or beliefs that make up your brand?  Also, does your brand determine specific behaviors like dress or speech?  Understanding these personal attributes of your brand will help you as you make decisions that affect your brand.  For example, you when write a company email, you will write one based on the behavior that you want the brand to portray.

3 – Customer Relationships Matter

Another significant aspect to branding that is easily overlooked is the customer.  A long-term relationship with the customer is the ultimate goal for all businesses, and it is particularly important for small businesses.  For this reason, superior customer service is a must.  It will ensure that the customer returns.  In addition, it will make it more likely that a customer will refer your company to their friends and family.

4 – Use A Consistent Voice

Furthermore, make sure that you use a consistent voice with your brand.  This can be challenging for a small business that is not organized.  However, with a few guidelines everyone at the company can understand how to talk to clients – especially via email.  In doing so, every form of communication will look professional and properly branded.

5 – Be Careful When Copying Large Companies

Small businesses often look to large corporations for branding advice.  Usually, they tend to mimic what they do because it works.  While much of what they do makes sense to copy, some stuff should not be copied.  For example, if you create a visual that looks like a knock off of a large corporation, your branding efforts will look subpar and lazy.  Instead, it is better to generate something unique.  Keep this in mind when you are copying what works from a company you admire.  Sometimes it may be better to create something that is your own.

6 – Collaborate With Others

Since your company is small, it may be better to work with someone else to build a reputation.  Large corporations do this all the time to build their brands.  The idea also works well with small brands and it helps you to attract new business at a low cost.

7 – Think Outside The Box

Sometimes when it comes to branding you have to think outside the box and do something different.  This will help you catch the attention of potential customers.  Remember, if everyone did the same thing, it would be hard to attract a following.

8 – Use Your Resources

Finally, since you are small, make sure to take advantage of the resources you do have.  Start with your employees.  Use their talents to build your brand.  For example, if someone is a great writer, assign him or her to write your company blog.  This is a great marketing tool and a great way to build your brand.

With these 8 tips, it’s easy for a small business to build their brand.

Which one of these tips do you like best and why?  Let us know!