How To Make Your Email Marketing Efforts More Profitable

Social media marketing and mobile marketing seems to have taken over the digital marketing world; this concept, time and again, has proven to be a myth. Email marketing, up to today’s date, still manages to be one of the most important ways to get your product or service into the consumer black box. One of the major reasons that doesn’t let email marketing go extinct, is that email marketing adds a personal touch to the marketing effort, you land in the inbox of an existing or/and potential customer. The dilemma is what to do to make email marketing efforts more profitable?

Cover it up nicely
A good email would only execute the goodness if it is opened. Make sure you wrap it up with a killer subject line that people can’t ignore. The subject line should compel your customers to go through your email. It should evoke the excitement of knowing what’s new with your business for them.

Address a person not a herd
Yes, for you the email subscribers and that list is merely a list of people you need to deliver your message to, but don’t forget that they read your emails unaccompanied by the numerous people receiving the same email, so the email should be drafted in a way that it has a personal touch and people feel addressed to on individual basis not as a mob.

Deliver one at a time
Do not clutter your email with too many things. Deliver one idea, concept or offer at a time. One email should be relative to one single idea so that a complete picture is given, like one bite of a dish at a time gives its genuine taste and mixed platters result in taste diagnostic problems.

Avoid complexity
Be as simple as possible. Use simple language and explain the purpose of the email in detail without adding complex sentences or vocabulary. Everyone is leading a difficult life already, don’t add to the misery. Stay simple, stay in!

Take control
Once your email is drafted, consider it once in a lifetime chance, not a commodity with a 7 day return policy whereby you can conveniently go back and exchange it for a pair of trousers. Once the email is out to the consumers it will never come back but its effects will. So, proofread, edit and test before you throw the ball out of your court.