DETI Minister Arlene Foster Opens Omagh Enterprise’s New Innovation Growth Centre

As a result of our partnership with Leitrim County Enterprise Board, Leitrim Council, SEUPB, ICBAN, the Department of Enterprise, Trade & Investment and Omagh District Council, we were delighted with the turnout at the launched on Friday of our new Innovation Growth Centre at Omagh Enterprise.

With the current 65 businesses, that provide 300 jobs for the people in the Omagh area, with Friday’s launch, we now provide an addition 14,000 square feet in the Innovation Growth Centre, which will increase the figures to 90 businesses and 425 jobs.

Chairperson of Omagh Enterprise, Fabian Monds said: “The Board’s vision for the company means we are not only launching a new Innovation Growth Centre today, but that throughout the entire centre, we now has super-fast broadband, as a result of the Minister’s Department’s support of Project Kelvin.”

Chief Executive of Omagh Enterprise, Dr Nicholas O’Sheil followed this up by saying “This means we can provide businesses that locate here with incredible broadband access, speed and capacity, equal t that found in any major city or centre around the world.”

DETI Minister Arlene Foster said: “Today’s launch of the Innovation Growth Centre is part of our vision to support start-up and growth businesses, which in turn, is part of Invest NI and the Minister’s Department’s vision to rebuild and rebalance the Northern Ireland economy.”

The Innovation and Enterprise Programme received £2.27 million, part-financed by the European Union’s INTERREG IVA Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body.  The initiative is a cross-border EU programme to further advance the economic links between Omagh, Leitrim, and the wider cross-border ICBAN region and beyond. It is led by Omagh District Council, in partnership with Omagh Enterprise Company, Leitrim County Council and Leitrim Enterprise Fund and has been developed by the ICBAN Limited through their Multi-Annual Plan.

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