Think Farm Safety During Summer Months

The farming community are being urged to keep safety in mind. Over the last five years, more than two thirds of work-related farm fatalities occurred between the months of May and September. Farms are homes as well as workplaces and there are dangers ever present. No family wants to go through the heartbreak of having someone killed or injured.

Busy summer

Many farmers carry out a significant portion of their work during the summer and early autumn, when workloads and pressures are at their greatest. Given the intensity of the work involved, and the tough deadlines farmers are trying to meet, it’s no surprise that the majority of work-related fatal incidents occur during these busy months.

While most farmers are well aware of the real dangers that come with being in the profession, everyone who is involved in farm work – including family and friends – is urged to stop and consider the dangers before carrying out any job.

Farmers should plan their work, consider the increased risks and have measures in place to put things right.

Farmers and their families should also be more aware of the dangers for children at this time of year. Longer days, better weather and school holidays mean that the younger generation are about the farm more, and plans should be put in place to help ensure their safety.

Stop and think ‘SAFE’

Farmers should stop and think ‘SAFE’ before starting any job on the farm. The adoption of safe working practices will go a long way to preventing accidents that often have devastating consequences.

The ‘SAFE’ message addresses the four biggest causes of death and injury on farms:

  • slurry
  • animals
  • falls from height
  • equipment

You can find out more about farm safety, with further links through to relevant information, at the page below:

You can view the TV advert which forms part of the campaign.

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