Email Marketing Tips

Conducting marketing over the email is a way of promotion that many companies use nowadays. The reason for this is that many people, especially business people, use emails as the main means of communication with the world. Sure, with all the social networks around, people do not use emails for communication as much as before, but it is still used widely enough to provide a good basis for a marketing campaign.

However, in order to conduct good email marketing, there are some things that you should pay attention to. This is why there are many firms nowadays which specialize in providing email marketing solutions. These firms handle the marketing from your email and they guarantee that you will see an increase in your website’s visits and an increase in profits. Here are a few Email Marketing Tips.


Make sure that people can unsubscribe from your mailing list easily. There is a reason why I list this tip in the first place, although it might seem a little unnecessary and counter-productive. You certainly do not want to lose people from your mailing list. However, the thing is that you should try to keep them with good content, without forcing them to be on your mailing list. When people see that it is not easy to unsubscribe from a mailing list, or they have to search for more than thirty seconds to find the right button for it, they will just mark you as spam and you will end up in their junk folder. If you are regularly marked as spam by users of an email provider, the provider will start treating you as spam, and you will not be able to reach anyone.

So, put the unsubscribe button somewhere in the email where people will be able to find it. Sure, a few people who hate receiving newsletters and similar things will click that, but there are many more who will not and this will help preserve your reputation with the Internet community.

“Prune” your email list regularly

This is also one of the ways to avoid being marked as spam by the email providers. In the mailing world, it is not only important what you send and how you send it, but also who you send it to. For example, inactive email addresses, non-existent emails, addresses with full inboxes and other types of emails where the mail could not be delivered are addresses that you should avoid. It is possible that these come up on your mailing list, but you need to be active and check your list regularly. These addresses will show up as undeliverable and you should ‘prune’ them out and remove them from the list. If you continue to send emails to these addresses, you will help the providers to mark you as spam and that is something that you definitely do not want, as was said above.

Content short and scannable

The content of the email should be short and scannable. No one has time to read essays and novels in their emails. People usually just scan through the contents of the emails that they receive. Think of it as reading through the ads and just looking for important information. This is why you should make your emails as scannable as possible. Write in short paragraphs and bulletins and highlight words that you consider necessary and important for the customers (you can do this by bolding the keywords, italicizing them or underlining them). Also, insert a few hyperlinks (no more than one per paragraph) where possible, because these too highlight the important keywords and make them clickable, as well. This will increase the number of visitors that you get, while at the same time reducing the number of people who delete your emails because they are too long. You can see just what methods Sonia Simone uses to make an irresistible marketing e-mail on this post of hers.


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In the end…

Following these tips will keep you off the spam lists for many email providers. If you are to conduct a successful email marketing campaign, this is very important, because if you are designated as spam, you will not be able to reach anybody (except a few people who like to check their spam folder). If you feel, however, that you are not prepared to run a marketing campaign, it is better to leave it to the professionals and at least consult an email marketing firm. This might cost a little, but it will certainly pay off in the long run.