Are You Ready For The Digital Economy? Part II

The current shift from the old industrial world to the new digital world is changing everything. In the old world the focus was on making things; in the new world the focus is on creating things. The new world is changing how we get jobs and the type of jobs we get; how we meet people and how we communicate; how we spend our leisure time and even how we shop.

The new world is changing everything and is only getting started. The changes have created a new economy: at the top goods attract a premium; at the bottom goods are sold on cost; and the middle, the traditional middle where much of the old economy existed and many of us worked, which is being hollowed out and destroyed.

In the old economy the middle generated growth and provided jobs, security and opportunities for the majority of people; in the new economy the middle is disappearing and leaving people and companies abandoned and isolated.

The new economy, however, provides opportunity as those first to move, to understand and to embrace what is happening will be the winners. The old economy wanted people who fitted in and followed the rules; the new economy wants people who stand out and share and engage with others.

Few people will voluntarily choose change and insecurity when it is presented but when it is inevitable and irreversible it can provide opportunities for new ideas and new approaches and for new people and new companies to take the lead.

To succeed in the old economy you had to figure out where to fit in and find a place that provided security; to succeed in the new economy you have to figure out what you can create, what you can contribute and how to add value.

The economic structure of the world has changed in recent years and will continue to change in the years ahead, as the old economy gives way to the new and this time the change is fundamental and forever.

SO, as we see the security and safety of the old economy disappear and the uncertainty and opportunities of the new economy appear we, equally, must change to make the transition.

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