Young House Love seeks work-life balance

When John and Sherry Petersik started blogging in 2007, it was just a way to keep friends and family updated on their kitchen construction.

Now, they receive five million page views a month with posts about home renovation, thrift store shopping, inexpensive furniture makeovers, and life with their daughter, Clara, and dog, Burger.

Along the way they have written a New York Times bestselling book, designed a line of affordable lamps and lighting, and become internet celebrities.

But when writing about your house and your family is your business, it can be hard to find a separation between “work life” and “home life”. The Petersiks explain to the BBC the challenges that come from living the dream, and their plans to find more balance in 2013.

Produced by the BBC’s Kate Dailey and David Botti

Images courtesy: Young House Love