Renting The Right Space For Your Business

Starting a business doesn’t mean you have to work from home or invest a lot of money to rent or buy offices. More and more people are enjoying the benefits of shared-space, as a way to get started in business while keeping costs to a minimum.

Traditionally, businesses rent offices or take an office in a serviced business environment where furniture, phones and secretarial support are provided.

More recently, however, there is a move toward start-up businesses and entrepreneurs renting shared-space or ‘hot-desk’ facilities on a flexible basis to minimise costs and maximise value.

Sharing office space in this way suits many start-up businesses, as it provides opportunities to meet others and the flexibility to come and go as necessary.

For entrepreneurs and business owners used to working from home the benefits of shared-space include:

  • greater flexibility and reduced costs and capital investment
  • reduced feelings of isolation from working alone
  • separation of home and working life
  • improved work/life balance
  • availability of high-quality support services
  • a professionally supported work environment
  • a clear focus to the working day
  • opportunities to learn from, and collaboration with, other businesses
  • networking, advice and feedback from other companies
  • contacts and contracts with new and different businesses

Before choosing a shared-space check the facilities on offer and the type of businesses using the space; ensure conference and meeting room facilities are available should you wish to meet clients or hold an event.

Many shared-spaces are available on ‘easy-in; easy-out’ leases which ensures your financial commitment is small, thereby, making it an attractive choice.

Sharing office space means you don’t have to buy everything on the first day and you have the immediate benefit of working from a professional business environment.

Finding the right shared-space for your business gives you a feeling of being part of a bigger team, as you are surrounded by other companies dealing with similar issues.

SO, if you are looking for the right space for your business and don’t want the isolation of working from home or the expense of renting offices consider shared-space as an ideal way to get started.

What do you think? Have you found the right space for your business? Get in touch, we would love to hear your views contact Nick on 028 8224 9494 or via Twitter @nick_oec.