Are You Creative?

The creative sector is often seen as a cultural curiosity rather than a sector that makes a significant contribution to the economy. Traditionally, creative businesses accounted for a small part of economic activity and were given little attention by policy makers and politicians.

The ‘creative industries’ or ‘creative economy’ or ‘digital industries’ include areas such as art, advertising, craft, design, fashion, film, music, radio, TV, video, games and the visual and performing arts.

In recent years the sector has been one of the fastest-growing areas in the United Kingdom and as a result has attracted greater focus in an effort to increase its contribution to the economy.

The extra attention has come from the belief that in the new digital economy creativity is the only way to compete and win on a sustainable basis.

The efforts are reaping rewards as creative businesses are seen as businesses that can develop and grow at a time when others struggle.

There is a belief that if the economy is to reach its full potential there is a need to change the mindset of business owners about how creativity can help businesses to grow.

Some positive signs are visible in relation to the number of TV programmes, films and digital start-up companies currently being developed in Northern Ireland.

Even though the number of opportunities is increasing obstacles remain as people struggle to understand the full potential of the sector and the need for high-level and flexible skills among the workforce.

The potential for growth in the sector lies in two main areas: infrastructure and content.

Luckily, in Northern Ireland, much of the infrastructure needed to support the sector is in place and amongst the best in the world. Like any other area, it can be improved but the existing infrastructure provides a framework for growth.

As a result, the main focus needs to be on the quality of content produced by people and companies in order to compete in international markets.

SO, traditionally we have relied on someone else to provide us with a job but in the digital economy we will have to rely on our own creativity to generate new jobs.

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