Omagh Enterprise host Shredbank innovation event this Thursday

Philip Bain, Co-Founder and Director of Shredbank.  The seminar will focus on key areas that all businesses need to address in order to survive through difficult economic times. The seminar is highly interactive, informative and practical.  Philip Bain and his business partner James Carson established ShredBank just after the collapse of Northern Rock and the beginning of one of the deepest recessions since the 1930’s.  ShredBank entered a document shredding market dominated by well established multi-nationals and a deteriorating economic climate.  Despite this, under Philip’s commercial leadership ShredBank has become a fast growing multi-award winning company that has experienced high double digit growth year on year and disproved the notion that success in a recession is impossible.  Having recent won Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 and Young Businessperson of the Year 2011, we are delighted that Philip has agreed to share his thoughts and experiences on what it takes to start-up, grow and succeed in tough financial times. He will reflect on the importance of marketing, selling, innovation and having a business model that works.

John Simpson, Journalist and Chair of Judging Panel for Belfast Telegraph Awards, stated: “The judges were impressed particularly by a younger entrepreneur who has almost made a household name of his business: ShredBank” 

Innovative Selling Techniques   9.15-10.15am (followed by refreshments)

This seminar is quite revolutionary in that it is not your typical selling seminar.  With experience in closing 4,000 deals over the last 10 years, I talk about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to selling.   It’s very actionable and highly interactive to ensure maximum benefit for the attendees.  I give a range of tips, tools and techniques based on real life examples (literally using examples sometimes from the 20 minutes before I come to the seminar!) on how I beat the competition to become the largest on-site shredding company in Northern Ireland.

In summary it covers –

  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • What selling is “really” all about!
  • Getting meetings
  • Successful sales meetings
  • Reducing the importance of price
  • Beating the competition
  • Closing the deal
  • Securing repeat business

Business Growth through Innovation  10.30-11.30pm

This is a highly inspirational seminar that starts with a personal story of success during the last recession when my Father set up his own business (a very well know brand in Northern Ireland).  I talk about the importance of dealing with the underlying issues that are impacting on your business and have nothing to do with the recession.  From personal experience I warn against undisciplined growth and low margin contracts, I tell them specifically how to re energise the selling process in their company and how to innovate at a low cost.  CSR is covered using ShredBank vast experience in this area in raising £25,000 for The Prince’s Trust and running nationwide schools competitions.

  • Changing the mind-set
  • Don’t blame the economy!
  • Confronting brutal facts about your business
  • Beware of undisciplined growth
  • Energise the sales function
  • Get the right people
  • Think Different
  • Death of customer service
  • Punch above your weight
  • Make meaning

Creating a culture of innovation  11.30-12.45pm (Followed by refreshments)

Primarily in this seminar I discuss the organisational life cycle and how the early stage, growth part of an organisation typically has a spirit of creativity and innovation driven by the owner.  However, as an organisation gets bigger it becomes over systematised with processes and complexity and ultimately loses the creativity and innovation as it is stifled by bureaucracy.  I talk about the three roles in an organisation – Visionary (Entrepreneurial, strategic thinking – ideas person), Operator (tactical, delivers), and Processor (systems, detail, administration).  If an organisation become dominated by Visionary types – there is plenty of ideas but nothing gets done!! If organisation is dominated by Processors it may be efficient but there is no creativity and innovation.   So I talk about how to build a culture of success with the right balance of VOP to ensure an efficient organisation but still highly innovative.

In summary I cover

  • The organisational life cycle
  • The three roles – Visionary, Operator, Processor
  • How to create a culture of innovation
  • Building an effective VOP team
  • Institutionalising innovation
  • How to stay ahead of the competition

To register, email with your name and number coming along.  There is no cost for the seminar.