Importance of digital technology to businesses tipped to grow

Digital technology is likely to become more and more important to businesses in the future, according to an expert.

Digital technology such as broadband will become increasingly vital to businesses in the future, an expert has stated.

According to Dr Sinclair Stockman, executive director of Digital Northern Ireland 2020, technology is already of “fundamental importance” to businesses today.

As a result, he believes it will “have an even bigger impact” on how they operate throughout the coming decades.

However, Dr Stockman told the Ballymena Times that many businesses do not fully understand how digital technology can make a positive difference to their firm.

“Digital communication technology is one of the key transformational drivers of the economy and society in the 21st century,” he commented.

Dr Stockman has encouraged businesses in Northern Ireland to attend upcoming seminars in Omagh, Banbridge and Ballymena so they can learn more about how to take advantage of the province’s digital infrastructure.

He said the sessions should help to make business owners more “technology aware” and enable them to understand how digital communications can make a “tremendous difference” to their venture.

Dr Stockman added that Northern Ireland currently offers some of the best digital infrastructure in the world.