Entrepreneurs: The New Superheroes

The world is changing with such speed that our political leaders are finding it increasingly difficult to understand what needs to be done to revive the economy. One proposal, increasingly promoted by governments, policy makers and educational institutions, is the provision of support for entrepreneurs.

The promotion of entrepreneurs as a solution to the current level of unemployment, particularly youth employment, may have merit but it is necessary to understand how it can address the level of creative destruction taking place in the economy.

The attitudes, behaviours and actions needed to increase entrepreneurship among the population have to be explored and understood, as do the traditional barriers and blockages.

In order to increase the number of entrepreneurs people have to believe there are opportunities and that they have the skills, abilities and knowledge needed to start new businesses.

In a traditionally stable economy where a ‘job for life’ was followed by a long and comfortable retirement, the role of the entrepreneur was not seen as an attractive or realistic career choice.

Traditionally, the educational sector didn’t focus on the skills needed for entrepreneurship or the training needed to become an entrepreneur, as students were educated for an economy that provided sufficient jobs.

Entrepreneurs, however, have always come from all types of backgrounds, as the only barrier to entry is the lack of a good idea and the drive to turn ideas into successful businesses.

The traditional entrepreneur has been opportunity-driven, as they see opportunities where others don’t and are driven to create new businesses and new ways of doing things.

More recently, given the weakness of the economy and the lack of jobs, the number of necessity entrepreneurs has increased, as people realise the need to create a job rather than look for a job.

Entrepreneurs, regardless of type, have always differed in their ambitions, as some start small businesses employing few people and others create growth businesses employing thousands of people.

Entrepreneurs have moved centre stage as a possible solution to our economic woes, as governments come to terms with the realities and challenges of the new economy.

SO, entrepreneurs may be the new superheroes but like all superheroes they will need all their special powers to meet the expectations placed upon them.

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