Entrepreneurs And Small Businesses Make A Difference

The role of the entrepreneur in creating jobs and restarting the economy has never been more important, as unemployment remains high and governments struggle to find solutions.

Countries, companies and even communities, we are told, need to be more enterprising in order to be competitive and sustainable in the long-term.

The answer to many of our economic difficulties lies in the need to be more enterprising, as governments continue to cut budgets and companies cut jobs.

It seems that regardless of the current economic difficulties entrepreneurs are expected to provide the answer, as they are expected to create jobs, export globally and revive the economy.

In addition to the role of the entrepreneur, local small businesses are also seen as a way to create jobs and drive the economy.

Government and community organisations now appreciate the important role small businesses have in providing local jobs and services.

There is a need to differentiate between the role entrepreneurs and small businesses play and are likely to play in the economy.

The importance of small businesses lies in the foundation they provide to local communities but not necessarily their ability to create large numbers of net new jobs.

The importance of entrepreneurs lies in their potential to develop growth companies that create large numbers of jobs; often in new and growing areas of industry.

A different mindset is often needed for someone who wants to create a growth business than for someone who wants to start up and run a small locally based business.

We need both types of people and both types of companies in order to create jobs and rebuild the economy.

Government, in spite of the criticism it often gets, has a positive role to play as it can enable and encourage both types of business to grow.

Small businesses need to be supported, as they provide the foundation for the provision of local jobs and services to local communities.

Growth businesses need to be supported, as they provide the jobs of the future and ensure the creation of wealth to support our broader society.

SO, at a time when entrepreneurs and small businesses are seen as a solution to our economic difficulties, it is useful to understand the different roles they can play in rebuilding the economy.

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