Are You Fully Mobile?

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives, as we carry them with us when we wake up and, according to research, keep them beside us when we sleep.

The speed with which the number of mobile phones has grown to reach its current level of six billion is incredible, as is our growing need to always feel connected.

Once armed with our smartphone we need never feel alone and paradoxically when with other people we are, at least mentally, often somewhere else.

We love our mobile phones and find it difficult to live without them, as we constantly check for news and messages and answer them regardless of where we are or what we are doing.

The fascination with smartphones is a global phenomenon, as people from all around the world act in a similar way when it comes to using their favourite piece of technology.

Even though some people highlight the drawbacks of always being available, the vast majority see their mobile phone as beneficial and something they don’t want to be without.

People highlight the value of using smartphones to stay in touch with family and friends, as it makes them feel more connected and engaged.

We use smartphones to make and get calls; text; search the internet; listen to music; read the news; keep up with events; take pictures; email; use social media networks; play games; check the weather; navigate with GPS; find better prices; shop on-line and more recently make on-line payments.

In a wider context, people from countries around the world report that mobile technology has made them feel safer and more secure as they can more easily get help and information when needed.

Smartphones have helped to provide better and more accessible information about education and health issues in many emerging countries and given people a greater voice in decision-making.

Increasingly, as the internet comes to dominate our lives, whatever we want to do on-line will be possible through our phone.

SO, if you or your business is not already fully mobile it is time to embrace the smartphone and see how it is changing the world.

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